Saturday, February 22, 2014

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In no way entrepreneurs view ( perspective ) different business for every business or entrepreneur , which is shared between the intelligent and the stupid . Differences include the following 10 : ( source )
1 . Courage in starting a businessStupid people are usually more willing than smart people , why ? Because usually stupid people often do not think long or much consideration , he's nothing to lose .Smart people are usually too many considerations in starting a business .
2 . idea
Superwash Laundry Bisnis Franchise Waralaba Murah di IndonesiaSmart people are usually a lot of ideas , and perhaps too many ideas in his head , so none come true .A fool , perhaps only one idea and that idea is usually an option that effort .
3 . analyzeSmart people are very good at analyzing . With a business idea with a very comprehensive analysis , ranging from the capital , how the profit and loss until its break-even point .Dumb people are usually not too concerned with the analysis , resulting in faster start a business .
4 . quitterSmart people feel pride when it fails in the field , so that other areas of typing directly into the face of obstacles .Stupid people do not have the choice but to confront the obstacles to its conclusion .
5 . Work hard and work smartMany ignorant people who only rely on the spirit and hard work plus a bit of smart work , which makes it a success in business .On the other hand a lot of smart people are lazy to work hard and smart ass .
6 . Dare to dream bigSmart people have big dreams if logically be achieved .A fool does not care about the logic , the most important thing he dreamed of something big that could , although unlikely to be achieved by others .
7 . consumerUsually smart people too confident with his prowess . He feels everything is correct , thanks to their versatility , so ignore the voice of the customer .Fools , know that consumers are often more clever of him .
8 . Want fast successUsually smart people feel able to do some things with the versatility including getting results quickly .A fool feels she must go throug
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9 . Negative thinking before startingVery smart people might think negatively about a business , because the information gathered so much .A fool , do not have time to think negatively as soon business .
10 . Poor knowledge of marketing and salesUsually smart people assume already know about many things , but often forget about the sale .A fool thinks simple is an important product sold .
10 of the above does not absolutely become a standard reference viewpoint difference between the " smart " and the " stupid " but at least be able to open and add to our knowledge of doing business.
And according warcoff , smart or stupid is not seen from the " level of education " but of how one person was able to address and confront the issues or challenges so
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