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Stages 1: The age of the seeds are put into

  Stages 1: The age of the seeds are put into a pool of 5 to 7 days . Total seed spread is only 100 to 200 heads per square meter pool . Preservation Jual Website Murah is about a month old with seed size 2 to 3 cm.
Second stage . Fry from the first stages spread across the pond with the ratio of 100 to 200 pieces per square meter pool size . Old rearing at this stage is 1 month with seed size 3 to 5 cm .
Stages III . Age of seedlings from the second stage cascaded with the ratio of 25 to 50 animals per square meter . About 1 month old preservation . Seed size has reached 5 to 8 cm. At this stage , given the additional feed goldfish bran fine form with the ratio of 3 to 5 % of the total weight of fish fry .
Stage IV , age 3 seed stage . Amount persebarannya 3 to 5 pieces per square meter . The length of the maintenance at this stage, one to measure the seeds into 8 to 12 cm. Add foods like bran pendamoing fine with the same composition as stage III .

Gold Fish Preservation Process

When the seeds have not entered the size of 100 grams , it should be 2 mm pellet feed composition 3 times bobit total seed . Pellets were given 4 times a day to 3 weeks. Preservation goldfish expansion can be done in two ways namely :

Polyculture , which mencamour goldfish with other fish. Comparatively carp 50 % , 20 % tawes fish , fish mujair 30 % . Goldfish or 50 % , 20 % fish and fish Gurame mujair 30 % .
Monoculture . Do not mix with other types of fish and distinguish between males and females in different pools . The system is considered to be the best way .
The process also includes the adoption of
Wisata Pulau Pari conservation pool using manure to natural food in the pond stimulated to grow . Another thing worth noting is feeding . Make sure you have the best quality feed with protein , amino acids , carbohydrates , minerals, vitamins and others. Do not also overlook the pool or pond health . Make sure the water is always clean and not contaminated chemicals .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Suddenly we were woken up

Suddenly we were woken up at an intersection having jogja - Kaliurang , still semi-conscious man so we were off the bus and looked at the clock at 03.30 .Jasa SEO Profesional  Because there is no public transportation at all and do not want to take a taxi so frugal , we were walking around we headed to my house 2 KM in the Mataram ditch near GMU campus . Arriving at my house at 04:30 and we went on break until sunrise . Already discussed my little 3 year I did not go through many changes because it is inherited from my grandparents and I am proud that my parents want to buy this home for the elderly in the future that I will definitely take care of and maintain this home .It was already 10:00 am , we quickly showered and got ready for round town with the vehicle trans jogja jogja ( fyi : similar busway ) . This afternoon where the weather is very hot and scorching jogja stinging skin , we rushed trans jogja ride comfortable and cool enough without having to wait long and standing . Our goal today is to Lempuyangan station to buy train tickets progo economy ( Jogja - ps.senen ) to return on Saturday . Because the time is 12:00 I waited for my friend to undergo ritual prayers Friday , finished our prayer walk to the station Lempuyangan the distance is not too far away . Once we ran out dsana train tickets Progo , Bengawan , and New Style are all heading to Jakarta until the date of February 2, 2012 . Was panicked because we could not stay long in jogja due to money that was already a little bit , and then there are people who memberritahu there are 2 options brokers that buy at a price of 2X or more and buy tickets on the day of departure of the train that usually returns the ticket scalpers are not tejual . And we chose to gamble buy tickets on the day of departure with all the risks .After completion determines the purchase of tickets , we rented a motor with low price for 30ribu for 24 hours + 3 hours tolerance because we have the contacts to the rental place . With our bike hire more freely around the city of Jogja with high mobility , we went to the cafeteria for lunch UGM by offering low prices that is super fried rice ( fill in a lot of meatballs , sausage , chicken , and a mountain of rice ) with an ice drink mix for 14ribu . Here are comfortable and clean canteen dominated GMU students , some of our arrival when a friend of vocational engineering UGM ( cc : arnold ) who want to join us and help us become a Jasa SEO Murah tour guide while in Jogja . After the meal we went straight to Monjali ( museum jogja back ) which was already closed because it was too late to our arrival, and we direct the motor to precisely Kaliurang Marijan area affected by the eruption of the volcano some time ago . It is ironic dsana atmosphere filled with sand and dust damaging dozens of homes and is only visible to buried tiled alone .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to grow citrus in the open:

A good time to plant citrus seed used is ahead of the rainy season and dry season. Before you start planting seeds, things to consider is the condition of the existing soil in the planting holes is what is completely wet from top to bottom. The width and depth of the planting hole should be enough for root growth, so that growth can be a straight direction. In BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIA   addition to maximizing the growth in the planting hole coupled with a basic fertilizer use manure or compost less than 20 kg and less than 250 grams of NPK or can use a mixture of TSP, KCL, Urea with a ratio of 2: 2: 1. Hole spacing for a large orange is 8 x 8 meters and for tangerines distance is 5 x 5. How to grow citrus in the right and proper fertilization will increase yields. This product contains elements: an organizing Grow Organic especially: Auxin, giberellin, Kinetin, Zeatin and cytokinin is formulated from natural ingredients that are needed for all types of plants with GA3 levels-98, 37 ppm, GA5-107, 13 ppm, GA7-131 , 46 ppm, AUKSIN (IAA) -156, 135 ppm and cytokinin (Kinetin 128, 04 and Zeatin 106 ppm, 45 ppm). Content levels of fertilizer: N-63, P-14, Na, Mg, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Co, Cd, Pb.
These products have been widely circulated in the community and has been applied to several types of plants and provide maximum results with minimal cost, thanks to the advantages of technology such as PGR GHOSTS:
Sparing use of chemical fertilizers (Urea, TSP, KCL, ZA, NPK, etc.) up to 50% gradually. Capable of reducing pesticide (residue s / d 0%) and weeds. Preparations in liquid / suspension concentrates facilitate application in the field. The presence of phytohormones / aphrodisiac organic growth to spur root growth so the nutrient uptake by the plant capacity become more optimal. Spur / accelerate the growth of roots, shoots, spur enlargement tubers, fruit ripening process becomes more perfect, improving yields durability.
SIGNS OF INDICATORS or after the use of PGR GHOSTS WORK namely:

Increasing productive tillers, panicle initiation triggers (rice flower) and increase the grain filling process.
Accelerate growth and increase crop production.
fertilization streamline and reduce the cost of production.
Increase the root system and large.
Protect crops from pests thereby increasing durability.
Support the achievement of the C / N ratio is optimum.
Quality of agricultural products for the better and durable.
Environment is maintained, safe to use and does not leave residue.
PURPOSE: This product can be applied PGR GHOSTS and nourish all types of crops, horticulture, plantation crops and industrial crops in an effort to: -Stimulating the growth of the maximum balance is maintained through the development of:

Leaves: Accelerating the growth of leaves so dense, hard, Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya dense, wide, thick, contains, shiny. Appears original color and not easily fall out.
Trunk: Accelerating the development of stem cell-division, so the big fast, solid and veined.
Flowers: Accelerating the release of interest, in every pore of flowering buds and not easily fall.
Fruit: flower pistils Accelerate finished pieces. Fruit denser, larger and contains more delicious and flavorful fruit.
Roots: Accelerating the growth of new roots and sturdy.
Shoots: Accelerating the release of buds and new tillers at every pore.
Soil: Improving soil structure is damaged.

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You will go to the My Resume page .

 You will go to the My Resume page .
In the " Create My Resume " , select " Upload My Own Resume " .

Options for Creating a CV
Click the " Choose File " button to select your CV to be uploaded .
Then click the " Create My Resume " on the bottom .
If successful , in the My Resume page will display a list of CV that you have uploaded . You can see , change , or delete the CV of JobStreet.Com .

Register CV has been uploaded

BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIA     Once finished creating or upload your CV , now is the time to search job openings listed on the site JobStreet.Com . Please click menu Search Jobs . You will see the Advanced Job Search page where you are asked to specify the criteria for the job you are looking for .

Selecting the Desired Criteria Jobs
Then , you will go to a page that contains jobs that are relevant to your search criteria .

List of Available Jobs
To apply for the vacancies available , select a list of jobs you want to apply . Will appear a pop up window that contains details of vacancies . If appropriate please click the "Apply" button .

Apply Jobs Wanted
Next, I will explain how you can get the latest job information appropriate to your qualifications directly to your email .JobStreet.Com already provides the facility commonly known as Lina Jobs Alert . Here are the steps :