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In accordance with the original saying

In accordance with the original saying of the English language, namely vertical and culture, then vertikultur is made ​​farm cultivation system or rise vertically, both indoors and outdoors. The system of agricultural cultivation or rise vertically this is a concept that is suitable for greening urban areas and limited land. For example, 1 meter of land may only be able agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayato grow 5 stems of plants, the system can be vertical stem of the plant to 20. Vertikultur not just vertical gardens, but these ideas will stimulate someone to create a repertoire of biodiversity in the narrow yard though. Vertical structure, allows users to create and maintain it. Vertikultur agriculture not only as a source of food but also create a pleasant natural atmosphere.

Models, materials, size, container vertikultur very much, stay adapted to the conditions and desires. Is generally rectangular, triangular, or shaped like a staircase, with some of the steps or the number of shelves. Material can be either bamboo or modified pipes, tin cans, sheets even bags of rice can, because one of vertikultur philosophy is to utilize the former objects around us.

Requirements vertikultur is robust and easily portable. Crops to be planted should be tailored to the needs and have high economic value, short-lived, and short roots. Vegetable crops are often cultivated vertikultur include lettuce, kale, spinach, pakcoy, caisim, cinnamon, basil, tomatoes, bitter melon, string beans, cucumbers and other leaf vegetables.

For commercial purposes, the development of this vertikultur economic aspects need to be considered in order not to exceed the cost of production revenue from the sale of crops. As for hobbyists, vertikultur can be used as a medium of creativity and gain a healt

Preparation of planting container vertikultur

Example of one of the planting container is made of two bamboo rods are each 120 cm in length, with a distribution of 100 cm to 20 cm planting container and vertikultur using stem tanamanVertikultur use the remaining plant stems to be planted into the ground. At each bamboo planting hole will be made by 10 pieces. Bamboo was chosen the greatest trunk, then cut to the size specified. The better the quality of bamboo, the longer the period of use. At 20 cm there is a section which will be the last segment is calculated from the above. All except the last segment of bamboo broken by using a crowbar so that the overall open space in bamboo. In part this will then be placed growing media. For the last segment is not broken, but rather only made ​​a small hole in the nail to the circulation of the water out of the container.

Subsequently made ​​the planting hole along the 100 cm by using an electric drill. Can also use other tools such as a chisel to make a hole. Holes were made alternately
BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIA on the four sides of the bamboo (bamboo surfaces associated with field box). On the two sides face each other three are each planting hole, the other two sides each two planting holes, so we get 10 overall planting hole. Each hole diameter of approximately 1.5 cm, while the distance between holes is made of 30 cm.

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Dogs soil (orong - orong. - Java) is known as an insect-sized,

Dogs soil (orong - orong. - Java) is known as an insect-sized, light to dark brown, have thick protective skin that live in the soil, with a pair of front legs modified form of hoes to dig the ground and swim. JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
What if we raise chickens Kate, one of the important things we have to consider is the health of chickens kate.Because if it is not kept clean then the impact will cause odor and cause disease, either for themselves or for the chicken environment.
The following tips;First, every two days once the chicken to be bathed.Secondly, every morning and evening stables must be cleaned.Third, food and drink every morning and evening to be replaced with a new one.
Aside from those three things are no less important is the food menu, such as chicken kate was also human. So given food should also contain vitamins and nutrients, in order to live healthy and not easily attacked by diseases.comments (0) / Add Comment
Many books on the cultivation of earthworms are easily available from stores such as Scholastic books or Dawn Court. I just summarize practically easy to be practiced.

The things that need to be considered in Raising earthworms is:

Shelves preparation of Worms
Worms rack can be made from bamboo because it is more economical and quite powerful and resistant of temperature extremes such as heat and rain.Form of the worm rack made vertikultur / terraced in order to optimize land included in such a narrow area in the yard / back yard. Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya IndonesiaShelves should be protected from heat and rain because the worms are very sensitive to both. Give roof or shade such as roofing shingles, roof sheeting or woven bamboo roof geribik.Worms shelf should also be protected from pests and predators such as worms ants, orong-orong, rats, chickens, birds, etc.. How to make a wall around it and in the water column of each pole is made so that the ants can not climb to the worm rack.

Image: Roofs made of Plastic Sheeting
Media can be made from animal manure (Kohe) cow, buffalo or horse. If Kohe goats should be destroyed first and ripened well as high gas (heat). Kohe chicken is not good for cattle means earthwormsKohe cow, buffalo, horse or goat usually contain a lot of worm eggs (cocon) because these animals eat grass which usually many earthworms lay their eggs there.Kohe Combine with rice straw or sawdust and banana stem with 1:1:1 composition.To avoid pests or predators that are carried in the Kohe, the media soak with water for 3 days. Or burn media / gongseng in the cauldron so that the ants, orong-orong, etc. are no longer found in the media. Only way we lose is the risk also cocon earthworm existing in the media. Please choose the best way.Matangkan media for 1.5 months on the shelf worms that had been prepared beforehand.Enter your seedlings or earthworm cocon (eggs) into the media worm.Each media size 50cm x 100 cm can be charged 0.5 kg of seed wormsMedia containers can of fruit boxes of used plastic, used sacks are dilated or plastic sheeting as shown below.

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Alternating medium coincided 3 days when feeding worms

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Debido a que la olla Semilla Fill Medium

  Debido a que la olla Semilla Fill Medium Invierno Tulip así crezco Algunos Place Foreign cm

Debido a que la olla Semilla Fill Medium
Obat pembesar Penis Vimax Invierno Tulip así crezco Algunos Place Foreign cm
Hasta el momento hay 4 macetas de tulipanes que están fuera, espero hasta que crece unos centímetros, se pusieron en la casa.Gruesa capa de nieve en el balcón había sido de 10 cm. Fotos de Tulip fija inmediatamente dos ollas fuera, cómo la situación
Gruesa capa de nieve en el balcón había sido de 10 cm. Fotos de Tulip fija inmediatamente dos ollas fuera, cómo la situaciónDos Tulip Crecer Macetas Semillas pocos centímetros. Ollas llenas de gránulos ES. 18 de enero 2013
Dos Tulip Crecer Macetas Semillas pocos centímetros. Ollas llenas de gránulos ES. 18 de enero 2013
Si el suelo se endurece debido a las bajas temperaturas, la semilla no puede crecer bien. Después de crecer unos centímetros, puse la olla en la casa, hay espacio es una ventana grande, así la luz del sol puede iluminar la habitación. La temperatura ambiente es de 20 º C. Después de tres días tulipnya crecen las plántulas rápidamente, la imagen de abajo:Semilla Tulip creciendo rápidamente Una vez en movimiento desde el exterior de la casa donde la temperatura es de menos

Jadwal BolaSemilla Tulip creciendo rápidamente Una vez en movimiento desde el exterior de la casa donde la temperatura es de menos
En Estados Unidos no hay nada ciudades calientes, tales como Los Ángeles, Florida, Santiago nunca fue cool. Gardenernya podría prestar tulipanes. Así que a través del primer tratamiento en frío.
Afirmar que no tropical o invierno.
Tratamiento de frío para los tulipanes de plántulas y flores de primavera. Entonces, ¿cómo:Envuelva con una semilla de tulipán Newspapers (periódicos mejor que el plástico)Ahorra 3-4 meses en el refrigerador (no en el congelador es), pero no se debe mezclar con frutas, especialmente manzanas. Las frutas que son maduras emitirán gas etileno que matará / dañar las flores en el bulbo.
Cada 1-2 semanas de verificación, vueltas mohosos klo lentamente, pueden permanecer seco sí, porque no hay medios de cultivo, a continuac
Judi Bola Onlineión, inserte la nevera de nuevo. Después de pasar a los 3-4 meses y la plantación de semillas como Nanam ordinaria, como Nanam cebolla. Con el tratamiento de frío como una señal para que la semilla crezca.
* Para jacinto sólo 1 mes en el refrigerador, y luego inmediatamente cultivo

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Dadka qaar waxay soo wici midhahan magaca

Dadka qaar waxay soo wici midhahan magaca Fruit ilaahyo. Ilaa hadda, miro masduulaagii ahaa ee Indonesia u baahan doonaan waaweSARANAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA yn iyo ma ahan oo keliya suuqa maxaliga ah oo doonaya in ay dhadhamiyaan awesomeness midhahu deymaha waxbarashada this. Fursadaha dhoofinta sidoo kale aysan jirin baaxaddeeda yar, si kastaba ha ahaatee weyn loo baahan yahay ma awoodo inuu rumoobo by-soo-saarka dalka ee asalkooda (Taiwan) Waxaa intaa dheer, xaaladda on Indonesia ee way adag tahay in la kulmo fursadaha suuqa kuwaas, maxaa yeelay, wax la xidhiidha maalgelinta cimilada ku dhacaan itaal darnaadaa. Laakiin aragtay eego iman kara Wialyah beeraha waaweyn iyo xaqse, sare leh lagama yaabo inay horumariyaan midhahaas.
Miro Dragon ayaa muddo dheer loo yaqaan by dadka Chinese qadiimiga sida miraha barako. sababtoo ah sida caadiga ah dhexdiina isjacayl taallada masduulaagii aad miro masduulaagii aad meesha allabariga.
Sidaa darteed, ka miro masduulaa Vietnamese ama wac in Vietnamese waxaa lagu magacaabaa by magaca Thang Loy Thailand magacaabay Mang Kheon Keaw, in English istiiah magacaabay qabiil masduulaa MIRAHA ee Indonesia oo loo yaqaan Bum Naga Dhab tani ma aha qaarad acyl dhirta miraha beeraha ah oo Asia, laakiin weydiin qabiil Mexico warshad waqooyiga South America (Colombia). In miro masduulaa awainya keenay kekawasan Indochina (Vietnam) by Faransiis ah 1870. Badan Guyama South America sida wax sharraxsan, sababtoo ah iyada tiradaasi waa mid gaar ah iyo ubaxyo qurux iyo caddaan. New aga
Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014gaarka 1980 ka dib waxaa la keenay anything Japan warshad this adduunka, sababtoo ah waa mid aad u faa'iido leh. In 1977 midhaha keenay in ay qabiil Indonesia si guul ah lagu beeray dambe kaymo. Miro Dragon waa hodan ku fitamiin iyo macdan leh fiber ku filan samaynta waxa ku haboon cunto ah.
Codsiyada faraha badan ayaa miraha masduulaa waxa sababa kor u qaadida wicitaan sida miraha miis (Very soo jiidanayaa iyo durugsan markii ugu adeegi jireen miiska) kadsoomin Efficacious for cudurro kala duwan oo waa faa'iido leh sida wax a cayriin oo duurka ku soo saarka of Food, Beverage, alaabada la isku qurxiyo iyo caafimaadka. Diriddaada shardi ah in intooda badan beeralayda yihiin wax ka yar awoodaan inay maalgashadaan qaybtan (qiimaha sare oo farcankii iyo qalabka ay tahay in la baxshay). Ma ka mid ah xiisaynta mulkiilayaashii caasimadda si ay ula kooxaha beeraley ah ee beerista ee badeecadaha this shaqeeyaan. Adalh taageero kale oo la heli karo ka iman kara hadafkiisa oo ah dalka iyo beerista khubaro ah ee noocan ah dhirta.
Miro Dragon (Hylocereus undatus ama Dragon Fruit) weli waxaa ka mid ah badeecadaha dhif ah in Indonesia. Miraha yihiin beasal ee Taiwan uu leeyahay qaab aad u gaarka ah iyo ilaa xad soo jiidasho leh si ay u eegaan. Foomka Jirka la mid miro cananaaska uu leeyahay oo kaliya tendrils / Tufts oo dhan uu maqaarka iyo midh  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayaaha waa casaan (Pink) oo leh midab leh jidhka noocyo kala duwan waxaa ka mid ah White, Yellow iyo Red abuur yar oo madow ay yihiin kuwo aad curdan tahay oo jilicsan. Iyadoo ku xiran nooca eegtid midabka jidhka midhaha, midabka cas la egtahay iyo Marka macaan oo dhegdheg leh Haatuf dhadhan ay aad u soocaya.

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Khadija Rouissi, Authenticity and Modernity party members,

Khadija Rouissi, Authenticity and Modernity party members, calling for a national debate on the legalization of marijuana. "We can not continue to let the elephant in the room," he said.
  1. Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia
Agriculture marijuana is mostly centered in the northern Rif mountains, which began a century ago. Hamlets and villages like Tahiri that nest on the slopes, and the majority of farmers in this region have a simple marijuana fields with an area of ​​only a few square meters. 1 acres of marijuana fields can produce between 5-6 kilos of cannabis resin per year, said Tahiri.
"Our goal is to provide an alternative for small farmers and take it out of the drug trade," said Chakib Khayari, who led network based Nador in Morocco. "And law enforcement should focus on drug dealers alone."
Rif region was the region with the highest poverty rate, maternal mortality and illiteracy among women. GDP per capita in the region is 50 percent of the average national income.
"We considered a rogue group of people who live off the drug trade," said Mohamed Lagmili, a marijuana farmer in Beni Gmil.
Lagmili planting barley, tomatoes and watermelons to sell in the local market on a plot of land near his home. But right behind the house, there is a plot of terraced land planted with marijuana. "You do not want to put all their eggs in one basket," he said. Nationalist Istiqlal Party, the second largest party in the government of Morocco said they s Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia upport the law change after five of the six ministers said earlier this month they were ready to resign to join the opposition.
"There is a village in the Rif in which men can not be found because they are in prison or are being sought by police," said a spokesman for the party Istiqlal, Fair Benhemza. "We plant trees and barley wine and we make beer and wine. Where is the problem? We have to immediately change this as soon as possible."
Tahiri, who was caring for his sick mother and struggling with rising food prices, saying that legalization would not come in fast time. "We will not give up and stop growing marijuana, because it's the only thing that we can do here." (IG)
Millet and bulgur are cereals, which are also difficult chaff discarded without destroying the seeds. The alternative is, it boiled half cooked cereal, then ground to discard the husks. The risk is, the epidermis will remain attached to the seeds. The cereals that have boiled half cooked, also not possible ditepungkan. It is now found milling technology, and penyosohan character crumbly cereal, including millet and sorghum. The result could still be intact seeds, and flour. Cereal grains is a popular name in the local Sundanese (West Java) to plant scientific name Lacryma-jobi Coix (some literature as Lachryma write-jobi). Indonesia is a popular name in jali or barley. In English is called Job's tear Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia s, named Job (Prophet Ayyub as) remarkable patience exam woes. In the Philippines known as adlay. Seeds of cereal grains sometimes referred to as Chinese pearl-barley, although this term can be misleading because it is not a crop of barley (Hordeum vulgare).

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Put fresh jasmine flowers into the tube

   Put fresh jasmine flowers into the tube, then circulate solvent (alcohol, ether, chlorofrom, ecetone, pure fat, petroleum ether) on an ongoing basis.
Distributes fluid extracts containing solvent and jasmine flower elements into the vacuum tubes is heated to evaporate the solvent modest. Diallirkan solvent vapor back into a liquid to the condenser in order.  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya    Add ethanol to the element of jasmine flowers. Elements of jasmine flowers is usually a solid wax (concrete) that still contain dyes, resins and other elements that do not evaporate.
Mix the oil with alcohol was then filtered again to remove the resin content.
Do the absolute distillation using glycol sthlene irradiation with UV light to eliminate dyes.
10. ANALYSIS OF ECONOMIC PLANTS CULTIVATION10.1. Cultivation of Business AnalysisApproximate analysis jasmine cultivation area of ​​0.5 ha performed in 1999 in Bogor.

Cost of production
Rp 0.5 ha of land lease. 750.000, -
Seed Rp. 190,000, -
Fertilizer Rp. 325.000, -
Pesticides Rp. 50. 000, -
Labor Rp. 6.425 million, -
Tool (drafting tools) Rp. 50.000, -
Total production costs Rp. 7.79 million, -
Revenue 15,555 kg @ Rp. 850, - Rp.12.750.000, -
Net profit of Rp. 4.96 million, -
Feasibility parameters:
O / I ratio = 1.637
ROI = 0.698
BEP Rp. 1,696,352.84, -
10. 2.Gambaran Agribusiness OpportunitiesThe development of commercial-scale farming jasmine danpeluang market has bright prospects good. Every day for the purpose of sowing flower takes 600 kilograms of jasmine flowers. Jasmine potential market is Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The economic value of jasmine flowers are increasingly required in advanced life (modern) for industrial raw materials perfume, cosmetics, fragrances, flavoring tea, paints, inks, pesticides, deodorant soap and textile industries. Although jasmine flower market opportunities at home and abroad is large enough, the new Indonesian jasmine flower production is able to me

Beds Formation: Establishing beds as wide

 Beds Formation: Establishing beds as wide as 100-120 cm, height 30-40 cm, 40-60 cm spacing between beds and length adapted to land conditions. Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia    Liming: Soil pH is acidic which can be improved through liming, for example with lime calcite (CaCO3) {dolomite CaMg (CO3) 2}, lime grilled (Quick lime, CaO) / lime hydrate (lime Slakked, {Ca (OH) 2 }. functionality / usability is liming acid soils to raise the pH of the soil, as well as to add the elements Ca and Mg.
Fertilization: Spread manure over the soil surface, then mix evenly with topsoil. Manure is inserted in each planting hole as much as 1-3 kg. Manure doses ranged from 10-30 tonnes / hectare. Planting hole made size 40 x 40 x 40 cm with a distance between holes of 100-150 cm. Land preparation should be done in the spring kemarau/1-2 months before the rainy season.
6.3. Planting Techniques

Determination of Cropping Pattern: A month before planting, seeds adapted jasmine used around the garden. Garden soil ready for planting base fertilizer consists of 3 grams of TSP plus 2 grams of KCI per plant. When each contained approximately 60,000 hectares planting holes (spacing of 1.0 mx 1.5 m), consisting of basic fertilizer needs 180 kg TSP and 120 kg KCI. Together with the basic fertilizer can be added "pembenah and soil stabilizer" for example Agrovit, Stratos / humus acid Gro-Mate
Hole Making Plant: in polybag seedlings watered jasmine growing medium and roots. Each planting hole planted the seeds of jasmine. Land near
BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA the base of the seedling stem jasmine solidified slowly so their roots in direct contact with groundwater.
Planting Method: Plant spacing can vary, depending on the shape of culture cultivation, soil fertility and planted jasmine types, shapes culture plantation spacing is generally 1 x 1.5 m, while the other variation is 40 x 40 cm, 40 x 25 cm and 100 x 40 cm.

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Parigi village Bloom , District Ciseeng , Parung , Bogor

Parigi village Bloom , District Ciseeng , Parung , Bogor , West Java , is a village famous for the cultivation of fish hiasnya . As villagers cultivate ornamental fish , can be seen in every citizen 's home page , there is a pool - ornamental fish pond , with various sizes . Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia Ornamental fish farming , done the whole village Parigi Bloom , Ciseeng , starting in the 90 's . At that time , people who are interested in the ornamental fish business , just take advantage of the home page and some of the aquarium .
Nowadays , ornamental fish farming , especially for export commodities , villagers do Parigi Bloom , by utilizing a pool in the yard.
Swimming - pool with a size of 4 times 3 , which is lined on the home page , is used as a place to raise fish export types rednoes , silver tetra , black ghost , and manfist .
Seedlings of ornamental fish for export , such as the type rednoes , farmers purchased for 100 dollars per head . Having farmed on the home page for 30 to 40 days , these small fish rednoes type , sold in the market perekornya 300 to 400 dollars .
The rapid demand for ornamental fish , in the local and export market , pep approximately 60 families , to improve the cultivation of ornamental fish .
The cultivation of ornamental fish , especially for export , the marketing is still experiencing problems , because farmers only related to the suppliers .
The existence of the lake area of ​​6 acres , belonging to Local Government Bogor , which was in the middle - the middle of the village of Parigi Bloom , Ciseeng , Parung , Bogor , people used to cultivate local ornamental fish , such as goldfish, tossa , Oranda , oscar , silver dollars and rembo .
Hundreds of floating nets , ornamental fish farmers owned , installed in the lake . The flurry of people seen in the morning and evening , such as ornamental fish feed , which are in cages , nets and cleaning of dirt , so that the cultivation of ornamental fish , it will be better and faster fish to be harvested .

SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYACollection of colorful ornamental fish , which are marketed to local , visible when the owner of the web , pallets or sprinkled fish food , into the net . Bamboo raft , is a tool to reach a net in the lake , and every farmer has a bamboo raft .