Tuesday, March 25, 2014

According to a new survey by Right Management

According to a new survey by Right Management, 86 percent of employees polled said they plan to look for a new job in 2013 - 26 Pulau Pramuka percentage point increase since 2009.
"There will be a rise in job searches from January to March as New Year's resolutions are made. Even be higher this year because many companies are reducing the number of employees and many employees who return to question their current position, "said Amanda Augustine, job search experts from TheLadders, an online job search services.
Although December is usually not much going on interviews and hiring, Augustine said job seekers can use the time to reflect, prepare for, and preparing to seek contact. Well if you become a part of those who want to get a new job in 2013, here are five tips that can lead you to get a job.
1. Hire a professional resume writer 40 percent of job seekers tend to be aware of when his resume professionally written. Unfortunately most candidates did not think to ask for the help of a professional author services. "It is difficult to be objective when you talk about your own life, and hence better get lots of people who know the number of terms in the world of work appropriately," said Augustine.
2. Frequently search for your name in Google From a survey of job seekers, more than 35 percent of people looking for his own name in Google once a year, and 16 percent have never seeking his own name. Augustine said a candidate's digital presence is very important to consistently monitor the results of your search and also customize it with your professional image. This means you should revise your profile and revise the privacy settings on your personal social media sites.
3. Understanding the four leading social sites Augustine said it was important to have a basic understanding of the four most visited sites today, namely Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Not only helps to research and form a network, these sites can also build your professional label. Share the news about the industry relevant to your work to demonstrate your knowledge and ability.
4. Look for your role Personal and online presence is essential. Research shows that people judge your competence and confidence in the second quarter from the first time you look. Because recruiters and HR managers tend to look at your photos via online before calling you for an interview, Augustine recommends to update all your social media profiles with a professional headshot photo
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5. Be smart phone users According to 75 percent of respondents, had a smart phone can bring a positive influence to your job search. "Mobile technology makes you become more responsive and can be profitable in the job search," said Augustine. He recommended to keep copies of your resume on your phone, so you can quickly send it to a potential employer.

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