Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Suddenly we were woken up

Suddenly we were woken up at an intersection having jogja - Kaliurang , still semi-conscious man so we were off the bus and looked at the clock at 03.30 .Jasa SEO Profesional  Because there is no public transportation at all and do not want to take a taxi so frugal , we were walking around we headed to my house 2 KM in the Mataram ditch near GMU campus . Arriving at my house at 04:30 and we went on break until sunrise . Already discussed my little 3 year I did not go through many changes because it is inherited from my grandparents and I am proud that my parents want to buy this home for the elderly in the future that I will definitely take care of and maintain this home .It was already 10:00 am , we quickly showered and got ready for round town with the vehicle trans jogja jogja ( fyi : similar busway ) . This afternoon where the weather is very hot and scorching jogja stinging skin , we rushed trans jogja ride comfortable and cool enough without having to wait long and standing . Our goal today is to Lempuyangan station to buy train tickets progo economy ( Jogja - ps.senen ) to return on Saturday . Because the time is 12:00 I waited for my friend to undergo ritual prayers Friday , finished our prayer walk to the station Lempuyangan the distance is not too far away . Once we ran out dsana train tickets Progo , Bengawan , and New Style are all heading to Jakarta until the date of February 2, 2012 . Was panicked because we could not stay long in jogja due to money that was already a little bit , and then there are people who memberritahu there are 2 options brokers that buy at a price of 2X or more and buy tickets on the day of departure of the train that usually returns the ticket scalpers are not tejual . And we chose to gamble buy tickets on the day of departure with all the risks .After completion determines the purchase of tickets , we rented a motor with low price for 30ribu for 24 hours + 3 hours tolerance because we have the contacts to the rental place . With our bike hire more freely around the city of Jogja with high mobility , we went to the cafeteria for lunch UGM by offering low prices that is super fried rice ( fill in a lot of meatballs , sausage , chicken , and a mountain of rice ) with an ice drink mix for 14ribu . Here are comfortable and clean canteen dominated GMU students , some of our arrival when a friend of vocational engineering UGM ( cc : arnold ) who want to join us and help us become a Jasa SEO Murah tour guide while in Jogja . After the meal we went straight to Monjali ( museum jogja back ) which was already closed because it was too late to our arrival, and we direct the motor to precisely Kaliurang Marijan area affected by the eruption of the volcano some time ago . It is ironic dsana atmosphere filled with sand and dust damaging dozens of homes and is only visible to buried tiled alone .

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