Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Indonesia bird nest price in the world market has been for many years

KEBUMEN ( ) - Indonesia bird nest price in the world market has been for many years did not improve . Plus absorption in domestic consumption remains low until now , so that the perpetrators of this commodity business has not yet moved to serious work on the domestic market . Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia  " Due to a situation like that , home-based businesses bird nest in Kebumen now stricken lethargy . Swiftlet houses are now vacant abandoned herd lawet abandoned by their owners . Whereas once was booming with the number of residents in this area are vying for the sake lawet berbudidaya earn a high income , "said Heru Pamungkas Revelation ( 40 ) , owner of cultivation as well lawet bird nest collectors in his home village of Mekarsari , District Kutowinangun , Kebumen , Thursday ( 05/30/2013 ) .
Revelation menjelaska Indonesian bird's nest long as it's still relying on export markets , particularly China and Hong Kong . Based on the information , in China and Hong Kong bird nest is needed for the pharmaceutical industry . Therefore, the price in 2005 reached Rp 12 million per kilogram .
" But after that , the price continued to fall to $ 2 million per kilogram . Highest Now only Rp 3 million per kilogram . Ironically , the low selling price is determined unilaterally by importing it with the pretext painful , he said Indonesia bird nest quality slipped away , " said Heru . ( Dwi ) At first the birds' living in caves , either in the forest or in the rocky beach shore . They are alive and live in a cave with a stick nest on the ceiling and walls of the cave are generally high and difficult to reach . Along with the human need to consume more and more of this swallow nest , the dwindling wild population and tend to be taken apart kepunahan.Karena continuous nature of uptake technique also pay less attention to kelestariannya.Orang take it with as he pleases without regard to the element of survival and growing swiftlet culture itself. Because felt is often disturbed by human activities, the birds' search for other places to match the habitat , and nobody makes a nest in homes or buildings that are not terpakai.Dari experience that people began to learn the ways of swiftlet farming in house .
Classification swiftlet :
Swiftlet included in ,Super order : ApomorphaeOrder : apodiformesFamily : ApodidaeSub family : ApodanaeTribes : CollacaliniGenera : CollacaliaSpecies : Collacalia Fuciphaga .
Requirements swiftlet Location :
This swiftlet can live well in the following areas :1 . On the low-lying areas to areas with an altitude of 1000 m asl ( above sea level ) .2 . Regional rice fields , grasslands , open forests , beaches , lakes , rivers and areas swampy areas .3 . Areas away from the disturbance of wild birds , or meat eaters , such as hawks , eagles , owls , snakes etc. . situs judi poker online terbaik terpercaya4 . Areas away from bad influences and technological progress of human civilization , such as factory pollution , domestic pollution and fumes from motor vehicles .

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