Wednesday, May 14, 2014

itorgen ( N ) is the most important

Nitorgen ( N ) is the most important . Ensure sufficient bekalan especially at the beginning of the growth rankings that rank flowering . Nitrogen is used in the process of photosynthesis and must be procured to improve results . Phosphorus ( P ) promotes root growth of corn , seed formation and accelerate the maturity of potassium deficiency when memperlahaJasa SEO Bergaransinkan tumbesaran principal and roots . Levels of use of NPK steel disyorkan for planting corn is up 120:60:120 120:60:60 kg / ha . Determination of the most appropriate should mengambilkira factors such as soil conditions , climate , varieti corn , planting density , the type of steel used and rank vegetation . The use of steel Sebatian encouraged his deep delight pembajaan process , especially if pembajaan conducted with wheel .Levels of Steel RequiredSiri Soil
Irrigation and Saliran :Keaadaan perceived that erratic weather and to ensure high spending and quest , let water plant given the primacy of time up to 20 days off 45 days after planting and the formation of male flowers . Let perenjis system used to accommodate water shortages in the field . Irrigation run 2-3 days in the dry season so as to achieve field capacity moisture in paras . Signs of water shortage in corn vegetable in tumbesaran rank is visible leaf curl though in the early morning . The leaves will look wilted in case of water shortage after flowering maize ratings . Perparitan necessary for the region to face the problem drains. Trenches should be developed for the fields of water menyalirkan bertakung to the main trench .
Impression of a lack of water :Rating percambahan - percambahan slowed , causing percambahan not uniform and sometimes death seeds .
Rating tumbesaran face - resulting in stunting principal , interest expenses and slower male maturation bijiiran so slow down .Rating flowering - the most critical ratings . Cause stunted grow
Pulau Parith or continued fall flowers and terjejas results .Bijiran tumbesaran warning - contents and subtracting the cob objections . Terjejas results .Ketakungan impression or flood water for a long time :In amnya , resulting in principal looks yellow and stunted . Terjejas results . If it applies to the rank of looks, lack of immediate results .

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