Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tarpaulin fish pond

Tarpaulin fish pond

Based on the ingredients and how to make it, especially the pool wall or framework known presence of several types of pool tarp, among others:

     Pool tarp with a bamboo frame, Wisata pulau pari timber, plumbing, or iron.
     Pool tarp with adobe or brick walls.
     Pool tarp with soil walls.
     Concrete pool or pond lined ground tarp.

After the pool tarp selesi made ​​the next step is to fill the pond with carp, but before the carp need to ensure you are included in an immaculate condition from disease and harmful substances.

Sheeting contains chemical elements for coloring, it needs to be installed before the washed and cleaned. To kill pathogens pond filled with water that has been sprinkled with salt 2 ounces / m3. Also make sure the carp to be cultivated not contain germs. If there are diseased carp need to be quarantined first before put into the pond.

The next process is feeding. Keep in mind that the carp were fed 2x daily with pellets containing 25% protein up to 30%. Frequency of feeding is better in many frequencies but in small amounts-less than the frequency slightly but numerous. In addition to food pellets for carp can be added leaves and vegetables are beneficial for health and growth.

The Right Food For Fish Farming Gurame
As it is said that carp are being Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya Veg, or my son said herbivores. The advantage of all kinds of leaves can be soft structure "empan" right to adult carp.
Farmers algebra, always drying the leaves that will be given to his pet first so withered, thus toxic sap that can be neutralized.

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