Sunday, June 29, 2014

In accordance with the original saying

In accordance with the original saying of the English language, namely vertical and culture, then vertikultur is made ​​farm cultivation system or rise vertically, both indoors and outdoors. The system of agricultural cultivation or rise vertically this is a concept that is suitable for greening urban areas and limited land. For example, 1 meter of land may only be able agen poker online texas poker yang terpercayato grow 5 stems of plants, the system can be vertical stem of the plant to 20. Vertikultur not just vertical gardens, but these ideas will stimulate someone to create a repertoire of biodiversity in the narrow yard though. Vertical structure, allows users to create and maintain it. Vertikultur agriculture not only as a source of food but also create a pleasant natural atmosphere.

Models, materials, size, container vertikultur very much, stay adapted to the conditions and desires. Is generally rectangular, triangular, or shaped like a staircase, with some of the steps or the number of shelves. Material can be either bamboo or modified pipes, tin cans, sheets even bags of rice can, because one of vertikultur philosophy is to utilize the former objects around us.

Requirements vertikultur is robust and easily portable. Crops to be planted should be tailored to the needs and have high economic value, short-lived, and short roots. Vegetable crops are often cultivated vertikultur include lettuce, kale, spinach, pakcoy, caisim, cinnamon, basil, tomatoes, bitter melon, string beans, cucumbers and other leaf vegetables.

For commercial purposes, the development of this vertikultur economic aspects need to be considered in order not to exceed the cost of production revenue from the sale of crops. As for hobbyists, vertikultur can be used as a medium of creativity and gain a healt

Preparation of planting container vertikultur

Example of one of the planting container is made of two bamboo rods are each 120 cm in length, with a distribution of 100 cm to 20 cm planting container and vertikultur using stem tanamanVertikultur use the remaining plant stems to be planted into the ground. At each bamboo planting hole will be made by 10 pieces. Bamboo was chosen the greatest trunk, then cut to the size specified. The better the quality of bamboo, the longer the period of use. At 20 cm there is a section which will be the last segment is calculated from the above. All except the last segment of bamboo broken by using a crowbar so that the overall open space in bamboo. In part this will then be placed growing media. For the last segment is not broken, but rather only made ​​a small hole in the nail to the circulation of the water out of the container.

Subsequently made ​​the planting hole along the 100 cm by using an electric drill. Can also use other tools such as a chisel to make a hole. Holes were made alternately
BOLAWIN88.COM PUSAT BANDAR TARUHAN AGEN JUDI BOLA CASINO POKER BOLATANGKAS DAN TOGEL ONLINE TERPERCAYA INDONESIA on the four sides of the bamboo (bamboo surfaces associated with field box). On the two sides face each other three are each planting hole, the other two sides each two planting holes, so we get 10 overall planting hole. Each hole diameter of approximately 1.5 cm, while the distance between holes is made of 30 cm.

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