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Beds Formation: Establishing beds as wide

 Beds Formation: Establishing beds as wide as 100-120 cm, height 30-40 cm, 40-60 cm spacing between beds and length adapted to land conditions. Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia    Liming: Soil pH is acidic which can be improved through liming, for example with lime calcite (CaCO3) {dolomite CaMg (CO3) 2}, lime grilled (Quick lime, CaO) / lime hydrate (lime Slakked, {Ca (OH) 2 }. functionality / usability is liming acid soils to raise the pH of the soil, as well as to add the elements Ca and Mg.
Fertilization: Spread manure over the soil surface, then mix evenly with topsoil. Manure is inserted in each planting hole as much as 1-3 kg. Manure doses ranged from 10-30 tonnes / hectare. Planting hole made size 40 x 40 x 40 cm with a distance between holes of 100-150 cm. Land preparation should be done in the spring kemarau/1-2 months before the rainy season.
6.3. Planting Techniques

Determination of Cropping Pattern: A month before planting, seeds adapted jasmine used around the garden. Garden soil ready for planting base fertilizer consists of 3 grams of TSP plus 2 grams of KCI per plant. When each contained approximately 60,000 hectares planting holes (spacing of 1.0 mx 1.5 m), consisting of basic fertilizer needs 180 kg TSP and 120 kg KCI. Together with the basic fertilizer can be added "pembenah and soil stabilizer" for example Agrovit, Stratos / humus acid Gro-Mate
Hole Making Plant: in polybag seedlings watered jasmine growing medium and roots. Each planting hole planted the seeds of jasmine. Land near
BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA the base of the seedling stem jasmine solidified slowly so their roots in direct contact with groundwater.
Planting Method: Plant spacing can vary, depending on the shape of culture cultivation, soil fertility and planted jasmine types, shapes culture plantation spacing is generally 1 x 1.5 m, while the other variation is 40 x 40 cm, 40 x 25 cm and 100 x 40 cm.

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