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Dogs soil (orong - orong. - Java) is known as an insect-sized,

Dogs soil (orong - orong. - Java) is known as an insect-sized, light to dark brown, have thick protective skin that live in the soil, with a pair of front legs modified form of hoes to dig the ground and swim. JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA
What if we raise chickens Kate, one of the important things we have to consider is the health of chickens kate.Because if it is not kept clean then the impact will cause odor and cause disease, either for themselves or for the chicken environment.
The following tips;First, every two days once the chicken to be bathed.Secondly, every morning and evening stables must be cleaned.Third, food and drink every morning and evening to be replaced with a new one.
Aside from those three things are no less important is the food menu, such as chicken kate was also human. So given food should also contain vitamins and nutrients, in order to live healthy and not easily attacked by diseases.comments (0) / Add Comment
Many books on the cultivation of earthworms are easily available from stores such as Scholastic books or Dawn Court. I just summarize practically easy to be practiced.

The things that need to be considered in Raising earthworms is:

Shelves preparation of Worms
Worms rack can be made from bamboo because it is more economical and quite powerful and resistant of temperature extremes such as heat and rain.Form of the worm rack made vertikultur / terraced in order to optimize land included in such a narrow area in the yard / back yard. Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya IndonesiaShelves should be protected from heat and rain because the worms are very sensitive to both. Give roof or shade such as roofing shingles, roof sheeting or woven bamboo roof geribik.Worms shelf should also be protected from pests and predators such as worms ants, orong-orong, rats, chickens, birds, etc.. How to make a wall around it and in the water column of each pole is made so that the ants can not climb to the worm rack.

Image: Roofs made of Plastic Sheeting
Media can be made from animal manure (Kohe) cow, buffalo or horse. If Kohe goats should be destroyed first and ripened well as high gas (heat). Kohe chicken is not good for cattle means earthwormsKohe cow, buffalo, horse or goat usually contain a lot of worm eggs (cocon) because these animals eat grass which usually many earthworms lay their eggs there.Kohe Combine with rice straw or sawdust and banana stem with 1:1:1 composition.To avoid pests or predators that are carried in the Kohe, the media soak with water for 3 days. Or burn media / gongseng in the cauldron so that the ants, orong-orong, etc. are no longer found in the media. Only way we lose is the risk also cocon earthworm existing in the media. Please choose the best way.Matangkan media for 1.5 months on the shelf worms that had been prepared beforehand.Enter your seedlings or earthworm cocon (eggs) into the media worm.Each media size 50cm x 100 cm can be charged 0.5 kg of seed wormsMedia containers can of fruit boxes of used plastic, used sacks are dilated or plastic sheeting as shown below.

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